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About: 23/07/1991. Brighton, Bournemouth, Sydney.

I shoot skate films and analogue photographs. This is my outlet for things that don't end up anywhere else and other stupid stuff that happens.

I am studying Film Production at The Arts University Bournemouth.

Here's where the internet keeps my photos:


and my videos are held here:



My other blog for film work->

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#spotcollective #99 feat #rickywaste & @jamie_platt_

#spotcollective #99 feat #rickywaste & @jamie_platt_

not to be “that” director, but interpret it how you wish :)

not to be “that” director, but interpret it how you wish :)

#spotcollective #98

#spotcollective #98

#spotcollective #97

#spotcollective #97

mourningshowers asked: Hey what's the story behind the music video u made for alex g?

Do you mean what’s the story of how I came to shoot it? or what’s the narrative in the film?

Anonymous asked: What would you say the most necessary thing to think about or do when making media? (photo, video etc...)

That’s a pretty broad and difficult question, it comes down to a lot of different things specific to what you’re working towards.

For instance if I’m shooting video for an established company, especially on a one off basis, I’m not going to film it in the same way I would usually shoot something for a personal project, that is tied to nobody but myself. You have to think about what the people at the company want to see, and what they will think looks professional, but balance that with not completely losing your style or making it aesthetically displeasing for a further audience, since it will be connected to you name. 

Most of the time I just think “does this look sick as hell?” if no, then change your angle.

Jamie krilling it

Jamie krilling it

Filmed Jerome, Jamie and Matlok up at the Cons Space in London last month, it was fun and warm.

Edit by Jacob Harris.

galleryfootsteps asked: That Alex G video is honestly the best film student piece I've ever seen. So incredible!

Thank youuuuu, it’s not a student production though I just got my equipment from a university. Glad you enjoyed it anyway :)

Anonymous asked: what camera and lens did you use for the Sorry video?

Shot on an SR2 with some pretty old Zeiss super speeds.

gingrsandunicorns asked: Your video and pictures are great man. Love your blog. Stay rad. 😊

I’m trying to, thanks :)

kyequalequal asked: sick video man!


takingvaliumforyou asked: that video you made just fucking hits me in a good way, or a bad way that is good, just made me feel a lot more towards that song. I can't even listen to sorry without the video now because the two just fit so well. thank you for your creation

Wow! Thank you, that really means a lot. Really glad to hear it has had some kind of effect through watching it. Much love.