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About: 23/07/1991. Brighton, Bournemouth, Sydney.

I shoot skate films and analogue photographs. This is my outlet for things that don't end up anywhere else and other stupid stuff that happens.

I am studying Film Production at The Arts University Bournemouth.

Here's where the internet keeps my photos:


and my videos are held here:



My other blog for film work->

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#spotcollective #100 !! @ Kalandia checkpoint for Jerusalem.  (ved Ramallah Checkpoint)

#spotcollective #100 !! @ Kalandia checkpoint for Jerusalem. (ved Ramallah Checkpoint)


Sirus and I went on a 12 hour road trip and crossed Norway from east to south this summer. We had the best time, surfing, hiking and camping wherever we felt like.

I can’t afford to develop my photos yet, so here are some photos from my iPhone :)

3rd skandi reblog in a row.



Sorry by Alex G

more behind the scenes from Emi.



A behind the scenes snap of Kęstutis from day 2 of the Sorry shoot. Photo by the amazing Emilie.



A behind the scenes snap of Kęstutis from day 2 of the Sorry shoot. Photo by the amazing Emilie.

I’m flying to Palestine next week to help teach kids how to do no complies and bonelesses, in one of the 3 skate parks SkatePAL have built over there in a bid to help keep the kids occupied, and give them something positive to put their energy into.

This is just a shout out to say if anyone has any spares coins lying around it would be great if you could throw a few to this charity through the “donate” button at

-> www.skatepal.co.uk <-

it’s an awesome cause, especially with the current situation over there. 

Alternatively if any skateboarders on here that live in Brighton want to help out but don’t have much in terms of currency to donate, I need to collect as much skate hard wear on the 18th of August as I can (wheels, trucks, bolts, bearings, etc) to get some boards together for the kids, so if you got some spares that you don’t mind parting with, give me a message. :)
Thank youuu all!

cocacolaclassic asked: Yo. I know you have Why? footage. Just let me see it man. Post it on a website or something so I can watch it once and be content. I'm not a weirdo. I'm not going to copy it and post it on the internet. I'm not into that stuff. I just genuinely enjoy Yoni's music and like hearing what he has to say. With that being said. I also thoroughly enjoy your photos and video work. Hope all is well. -Randy

You’re right I do have a shit ton of behind the scenes stuff, it turns out that documentary the production company in Cincinnati were making didn’t have enough funding and got cancelled, so I guess the footage will probably end up going nowhere now.

The stuff I personally filmed is an underground a cappella set in London and then just interviews and Yoni walking around London. The stuff the company left on my hard drive is some clips of the band rehearsing for a tour, and then weird interviews with Yoni, by some guy that seems kind of rude. There is about 250gb of HD clips, I ain’t got the time or bandwidth to send out all of that, so if you let me know what sort of stuff you want to see I could totally mediafire you a little montage of it or something? Wouldn’t be until mid-sept though. It can be a late/ early/ on-time birthday present for you. 

Also hope you’re doing well, I very much enjoy your day to day AZ activities and seeing what your rad dog is up to, so keep on keeping on!


Jamal & I editing. 

#spotcollective #99 feat #rickywaste &amp; @jamie_platt_

#spotcollective #99 feat #rickywaste & @jamie_platt_

not to be &#8220;that&#8221; director, but interpret it how you wish :)

not to be “that” director, but interpret it how you wish :)

#spotcollective #98

#spotcollective #98

#spotcollective #97

#spotcollective #97

mourningshowers asked: Hey what's the story behind the music video u made for alex g?

Do you mean what’s the story of how I came to shoot it? or what’s the narrative in the film?